Meet The Team


Superdogs Founder & Director

Debbie has been training animals since 1986. Working with animals is her labour of love and she is currently employed at uShaka Marine World as a senior dolphin trainer and show presenter. Debbie is passionate about the ethical training of animals, to ensure a mutually fulfilling relationship with our animal friends. Teaching people about the importance of conservation is one of the many reasons she is so passionate about her career. As a dog lover, dog training has always been a passion of Debbie’s. She has experience in working with “problem” dogs/owners, show dogs, advanced obedience, tracking, agility and protection.



Thobani has lived in the Molweni Township for the last 8 years. Prior to this he lived in Pietermaritzburg. He has 2 little girls, aged 3 years and 5 years. Thobani may have started with humble beginnings, however his skills as an animal trainer have grown to the point where he has been asked to consult internationally. He has even done show business. He has trained dogs to take part in stage shows.


Doggy Daycare Manager

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Kerry and I’ve been in the animal industry for about 17 years.What I’ve come to learn over the years is that there is nothing better in the world than to have the honor of being able to make an animals life better. And THAT is what I’m extremely passionate about.Be it through play, training or even just those quite cuddle moments. I have just recently returned home from Dubai where I worked for 2 years at Doggy Hotel called My Second Home.My second home is the largest indoor dog facility in the world and is exactly what the name states it is. I had the privilege of being involved in all the aspects of a dogs well being. I was in charge of the training department, running both group and private lessons as well as home calls. I was actively involved in doggy inductions into the day care system as well as involved in all there daycare play sessions and enrichment requirements. The joy of watching dogs run around and play together as well as learning from each other is indescribable as well as extremely valuable. I’m looking forward to meeting all the dogs and yes, the parents too. Here’s to many happy moments to come. Phone: 0836969978


Animal Behaviorist

My name is Nomsa Terayi well known as Tracy. I am 26 years old. I am originally from Zimbabwe. I now live in KZN because of my lovely job at Superdogs. When I first started my job at Superdogs I thought it was all about the money but now I love and experience increases every day the more Time I spend with dogs. The more time I spend with the animals the more I want to learn about animals overcoming the fear of dogs was the greatest moment of my discovery. Superdogs is not just my job it has become my second home. I love my job and the dogs that I train.


Superdogs Handler

Zac grew up around animals.  From being a child of parents that worked at Sea world his first-day care was next to the penguin pool exhibit.  His first pet was a rat that went everywhere with him.  Then dogs, cats, and a pig. Zac was raised by an animal trainer so he had no choice but to learn.  He has always had horses at home too and is a brilliant horse rider.  Zac has a natural way around dogs as a result of his animal rich upbringing.



My name is Masabata Shozi known as Saby. I am originally from the Eastern Cape. I moved to KZN a few years ago where I happened to get an AMAZING job at Superdogs. I have always had cynophobia but as soon as I started working at superdogs it was all gone because I was introduced to a different side of dogs. Superdogs has become my home and the dogs I train become my family. I have had the best experience at Superdogs. I am living in a dream I didn’t even know I had.

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Kristy Keating

Blacksuits CEO & Animal Lover
Besides working hard as the CEO of Blacksuits, Kristy loves to come play with all the pets at Superdogs from time to time. You might just see her around playing with your pet. Kristy is a Superdogs Superstar Volunteer.